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ServiceLab is a software package for installation on SIMATIC programming devices and other PCs.

With ServiceLab, you can easily access all the data in the SIMATIC S5 / S7 controller's process image for subsequent analysis, visualization and archiving.

ServiceLab is a valuable maintenance tool which makes it possible e.g. to test functional sequences, output test charts even for long-term tests, monitor limit values and so on, thus providing invaluable support even when attempting to locate sporadic problems.

4 weeks trial version: Download now

Now available: new SIMATIC module
for ethernet connections, a direct access to the SIMATIC via IP-adresses is possible.
including S5 TCP/IP* - S7 TCP/IP - S7 PC/CP *adapter required


ServiceLab V12.0:

  • New SIMATIC-module for S5 + S7 via MPI, PROFIBUS and Ethernet
  • New visualization with high resolution
  • Select modules very easy with the explorer
  • Synchronization with the PLC-time at start of the data acquisition
  • Optional Q-DAS data exchange to quality assurance systems
  • 32-Bit measuring card drivers

ServiceLab can be connected to SIMATIC S7 either over the PROFIBUS / MPI interface with a corresponding card (CP5511, CP 5611), or over the serial interface with a corresponding transformation cable (PC-Adapter). The connection to SIMATIC S5 can be done with a corresponding transformation cable over the serial interface.

ServiceLab has been designed for application in the following areas:

  • Checking the operating patterns of systems and machines
  • Capturing, checking, and evaluating process data from the system/machine(trouble shooting)
  • Direct documentation of the measuring scheme
  • Preparing measurement records for quality control

ServiceLab offers you the following features:

  • Monitoring limiting values of process data
  • Data logging
  • Time-controlled starting and stopping of measurement
  • Long term measurements with easy evaluation without reams of paper
  • Presentation of the transient response of regulating circuits in a diagram
  • Recording of warnings
  • Linking of proces data by mathematical or logical functions

Additional Advantages:

  • Recording, monitoring, and saving in real-time
  • Various possibilities of monitoring
  • Action-controlled measuring
  • Quick and simple measuring arrangement with intuitive user guidance
  • Various possibilities of evaluation



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