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Boiler steams ahead

ServiceLab tool simplifies boiler commissioning and optimization.

In the operation of modern boiler plants enormous demands are
made in terms of the safety engineering and on the economic use
of the fuel. With ServiceLab, the commissioning tool for SIMATIC
and SIPART DR, the process data can be recorded via the open
and closed-loop controllers and their parameters optimized quickly
and easily.

large volume boiler

The product range of STANDARDKESSEL, the leading constructor of industrial boilers, includes large volume boilers
with steam generating capacities of over 200 tons per hour, but also waste-heat boilers at every level of output that are
manufactured with or without additional firing mainly for industrial and combined-cycle power plants. While smaller
systems are usually equipped with conventional contactor controllers, the larger systems such as those in industrial
power generation plants use SIMATIC S5 controllers. The often very complex relationships between fuel use, air volume
and load are optimally balanced with one another using SIPART DR 24 controllers.

Presetting reduces costs

The time spent commissioning such plants on site at the customer premises represents a cost factor that it is essential
to minimize. For this reason, the open and closed-loop controllers are preset prior to shipment of the components. By
simulating and preconfiguring the control loops with ServiceLab, the system optimization work required on site is reduced
to a minimum. The program permits the visualization of the processes and allows access to all essential system parameters.
The recorded data can be stored in realtime and evaluated graphically. This enables unstable control loops or faults in the
control sequence to be readily detected, even at the simulation stage.

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