MultiChoice USB basic light 

Art - NR.: G0C-1034-8

MultiChoice USB basic light optical decoupled
in the sturdy, designed aluminum cast housing
Technical data:
Analogue inputs:
150 kHz sum scanning rate
16 bits resolution
8 mass-related inputs
external start and clock of the analogue inputs
Input voltage range ±10 V
Programmable amplifier gain per channel 1/2/4/8x
Overvoltage input protection of the analogue inputs: ±40 V

Digital I/O and counter:
4 optical decoupled inputs (Ue. 2,4,-30 V) and 4 optical decoupled outputs
1 event counter with 32-Bit resolution
A MPI cable (0.3 m)
synchronous operation of the digital and the counter inputs with the analogue inputs
10 MHz clock of the counters
Housing, dimensions and connections:
Sturdy, designed aluminum cast housing
Dimension: 120 x 114 x 49 mm
Analogue and digital signal connections by removable “Weidmüller” c-clamps
inclusive voltage supply 220V AC/5V DC


MPI/PPI - USB adaptor cable

Art. - NR.: 9352-USB
MPI/PPI - USB adaptor cable for the connection of S7-PLC, 3m length,
DC- supply from the USB port of the PC, external supply possible.
For the connection to S7-200/300/400, C7; with USB cable (3m) applicable under
WIN 2000/ XP
Technical data:
Modes of operation:
MPI, PPI and Profibus DP
Transmission rate 9.6 kBit/s up to 1.5 Mbit/s
Scope of supply:
SIMATIC PC adapter USB V1.2
1 USB cable (5 m)
1 MPI cable (0.3 m)
Housing, dimensions and connectors:
in a sturdy plastic housing.
Voltage supply by USB connection.
Dimension: 105 x 57 x 28 mm
Weight 0,48 kg


ServiceLab S5-ethernet-converter (SL-S5EA)

ServiceLab S5-ethernet-converter
Ethernet <-> TTY-Converter, direct connection,
STEP 5 compatible, integrated multiplexer,
power connection over PLC (if 24 V DC available)
or external, control LED


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